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Since his inauguration in March 2009, Chancellor Timothy P. White and his wife Karen have positively and permanently changed our campus and regional communities in countless ways. From the big league success of introducing UCR to more than 8 million viewers of the reality show Undercover Boss to the quiet tradition of handing out cookies to students during finals week, the Whites have inspired us all by the pride, passion, purpose, playfulness and personal warmth that they bring to all things UCR.

During White’s tenure, UCR produced more than 18,000 graduates, completed a campus-wide strategic plan, launched a new School of Medicine, established a new School of Public Policy, opened the downtown Culver Center of the Arts, attracted hundreds of new human resources jobs to the Inland Empire by housing UCPath, revitalized Highlander Athletics, contributed more than $1 billion per year in economic benefits to the state of California, laid the groundwork for a major comprehensive campaign, and successfully raised its national and international profile while navigating exceptionally challenging economic times. In addition to her many contributions as a wife, mother, tireless volunteer and partner to campus staff, Karen White led the establishment of Operation Education, an educational resource for injured military veterans, as well as helping to create the Riverside Citrus Classic cycling event along with her fellow Leadership Riverside volunteers.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating their extraordinary legacy of leadership, in thanking them for their deep friendship and in wishing them all the best in their continued efforts to preserve the quality and accessibility of California’s higher education system for future generations.

Celebrating a Legacy of Leadership

Dear Tim and Karen, Very bittersweet to say goodbye— know you shouldn't and couldn't pass up the opportunity to lead CSU, but so sad to see you leave UCR. In your four years you have done tremendous work to elevate, inform and promote UCR to the city, state, country and the world (the universe?). I am just one of the many, a proud alumnus, who had the pleasure to meet and, to some small degree, work with you. It has been a pleasure. Happy trails, perhaps someday our paths will cross. I will be happy if that were to happen.

David Rapaport

Thank you both so much for the giving hearts you have shared with all of us over the years. God Bless you and I wish you both the best.

Debbie Snow

Thank you for your service to UCR and higher education. I look forward to what you will achieve at CSU and beyond. Best Wishes.

Waylon Baumgardner Former UCR employee and Class of '08 alumnus

Thank you both for your contributions to UCR. Best wishes for the future!

Morris Maduro

Dear Tim and Karen, Thank you for all you have done for UCR’s faculty, students, and staff during the last few years. The campus is certainly a better place for all of your efforts, and your impacts will be felt for years to come. We will all miss your leadership and the humanity you brought to the office; CSU is very fortunate to have you! We wish you the very best.

Marylynn and Scott Yates

Dear Chancellor Tim and my dear friend, Dr. Karen - Thank you for gracing our campus with your presence, your energy and your love these past few years. You are indeed the most quintessential, consummate couple UCR has ever known in its highest office. To say I'll miss you both is a gross understatement as you both are UCR epitomized - strength, grace, compassion and perseverance - undercover! You will both be forever remembered and cherished by all of us UCRians : ) God bless and may His favor surround you as a shield.

Wanda Scruggs

It is a bittersweet moment for UCR. A chancellor who has taken great strides on improving UCR will take his talents elsewhere where help is needed. In my three years of UCR, I have seen many changes that have occurred for the better. My outlook on UCR completely changed when I attended the campus and I appreciate the little nooks and crannies that the school has to offer for its students. All of this must have had to been from Chancellor White! I would like to thank you for changing my views on Riverside and I will miss your presence on campus. The only direction to go is up, and I believe you will help the CSU system go up. I hope the cookies tradition stays with the next chancellor hehehehe...

Kevin Vong

Chancellor White, you were the most accessible chancellor any UC has ever seen. You actually answered my work related email to you (in regards to the Tomas Rivera Conference a few years back), I actually was able to speak to you (I told you that you came in during a rough time--the first of many budget cuts), you appeared on Undercover Boss and showed real emotion and real concern about the students, and you congratulated me during my undergraduate graduation in 2010, and again in 2012 for my Master's Degree. You're an absolute star, Chancellor White, and I know that you'll make an even bigger impact on the 20+ State schools that will now be under your watchful eye.

Brian Marcelo

Best wishes to the both of you. Thank you for everything you contributed to our school and city. You will be missed. The CSU system is very lucky to gain such incredible leadership.

Cynthia Mariott

Dear Chancellor White And Dr. Karen White, I wish I got to meet you guys in person!!! I've heard many great stories about you two and how you've touched many lives. It sucks to be a freshman because I barely got to see you guys work your magic on campus. Watching your farewell ceremony was really depressing to know that you guys are leaving us so soon. I trust that God has bigger and better plans for you two. May God continue to bless your guys journey in continuing to bless others through your work! Lastly Cal States are blessed to have a Chancellor that is there when they need them the most. Please stop by sometime and say HI!! God Bless and Much Love.

Meleane Fahamokioa

While failing to have met you personally, I have heard great things from a variety of sources including a few UCR students. Your Friday letters have been an enjoyable part of life at UCR and exemplified a character that, indeed, has great wisdom, passion, and achievement. I have a couple of friends over at the Cal States and I'll be sure to let them know that you're going to do an awesome job for their colleges. Many thanks for making UCR and its "family'" pretty great! Hope to hear about you and Dr. White's new accomplishments from my friends someday.

Sho Kitada

Dear Chancellor White, Mostly from afar, but sometimes even right up close, I learned a lot about TRUSTWORTHY leadership from you. Many thanks for your service on behalf of our great University. Godspeed.

Bob Ream

As yet another year draws to a close I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work within your role as a UCR Chancellor.You have been the embodiment of UCR's spirit this year and I am very excited about the work that you have completed and the contributions that you will make in the future.Thank you again for such a stellar year with UCR, and Happy Holidays! Warmest wishes.

Jonathan Calderon Sophomore: Public Policy Class of 2015

Even though this was my first quarter at UCR, I really saw how much of a hard working chancellor our chancellor is. I really appreciated the Friday letters, and actually read through the whole thing. So, I want to wish him a farewell and good luck with his new position! :)

Pedro Montenegro

I have been here with UCR for about 17 years, and over the years there has not been a Chancellor that i know of like you! I wish you all the best because your the best, that i have seen and heard, and you love what you do and you care. Take Care and God bless you and your family.

Lupe Rias

I have only had you as my Chancellor, but my husband has worked for others here @UCR. All he has ever said "Chancellor White is such a nice, caring, hardworking human being". I will totally have to agree with him. In fact my best girlfriend works for CSUSB and on the day that it was announced that you were leaving, she called me and said Wow Cal State is lucky to have your Chancellor after all the kind words I have spoken about you. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you did over the past 4 years. We are a better campus to have had you and your family. Dr. White has ALWAYS been a kind hearted woman. So just THANK YOU and good luck!!!

Andi Newman

Cal State is awfully lucky. You will be sorely missed here. I would say best of luck, but you need no luck. You create good fortune around you. I hope you leave some of that magic dust behind when you go!

Andrea Kaus

Chancellor White, Thank You for everything. Your the best! You will be missed. Best wishes! Ps. Thanks For the luncheon we had together. Aside from the career pathways and the university lifestyles we spoke about, the food was great! Especially the filet mignon.

Teh Lei

Thank you both for your great leadership to UCR and your commitment to the Riverside Community. Riverside’s loss is the State of California’s gain – truly. Most Sincerely,

Jill Hishmeh

Dear Chancellor White, I would like to express my gratitude for the response that you gave me at my graduation on June 17th 2012 CHASS Group 3. I was extremely elated on Graduation day. I began to have a stark emotional release because I had completed a goal that some said that I could not accomplish. As I approached you at the podium, I was numb. I walked across the podium feeing that I would be rushed across the podium and back to my seat, but you shook my hand and as I was releasing your hand, you did not let go. You looked me in the eyes, and said: "I am really proud of you. Thank you for all of your hard work...ok?". It was a warm, humanistic, and thoughtful comment, that I will never forget... Thank you.

Garnett Scott Smith Jr., B.S. Anthropology Class of 2012

Best wishes to you, and thank you.

Suzanne Trotta

Tim and Karen, Thank you for the boundless energy, tireless enthusiasm and countless significant impacts you have made at UCR and in our local community. Words cannot truly convey the value added to our university community through your consistent and unyielding efforts. I highly admire and appreciate your leadership, your engagement with all facets of the campus and community, and your unwavering faith in us. I am extremely thankful for the contributions you have made to the energy, spirit and momentum of our fine institution. Logan: I will fondly remember seeing and hearing you run up and down the bleachers at games, pumping up the crowd, and giving my face paint designs a funny look! Karen: I will always think of your dynamic spirit and empowering connectivity. We all feel like our institution is a more cohesive unit and family, due in large part to your presence and involvement on campus and in the community. Tim: I will always remember that students would regularly seek out opportunities to meet you and take photos with you. You would get to know students, staff and faculty, and let them get to know you. I truly appreciate your support of all staff and especially Staff Assembly! Most importantly Tim, we all knew that no matter what, you've had our back! I hope our paths cross again one day. Best of luck with the new gig! Scott C. Silverman, President of the Tim White Fan Club

Scott C. Silverman (B.S. '01, M.S. '04 & Staff Assembly Past President)

Thank you for being such a great leader and a humble man, I will continue to pray for you and your family with all your future endeavors.


A word of thanks for your support of the summer study abroad programs. Patricia and I were fortunate to lead the one in Madrid for the past seven summers. We have good memories of both of you in that connection and of your hosting receptions for the departing students at your home in particular. We wish you both every success in your new positions. Based on our experience with the study abroad programs, we have a keen sense of the teamwork involved in a husband-and-wife package arrangement. Jim Parr (Hispanic Studies) and Patricia Parr (GSOE)

James A. Parr

Having graduated from Cal State San Bernardino I am so pleased to know you will be leading the Cal State University system that was so good to me as a student. That being said, you will be missed so much at UCR. As a budget manager for several academic departments and centers I can attest how difficult the past three + years have been for UCR faculty, staff, and students. Your kind, caring leadership made a huge difference to morale at a time when morale could have sunk to pre-historic lows!!! Somehow you kept us excited about UCR through this time. As a final thought, I think I have a video of Tim playing "junk-in-the trunk" at a staff assembly holiday party. If I ever need a reminder of how successful University leadership should be done, I will just watch that!!! Kudos, congratulations, and God speed!!!!!

Janice Leslie

You will both be missed by many, thank you for all you did for the University, for the moral of Staff and others. Your leadership and the role you both played in our lives has made a big difference to this campus. Best Wishes, to you both.

Josie Arreola

Thank you for everything. You always made us feel important. I work for the cash office at the hub and we took a picture of all of us together and I'm going to fram it! You will be missed.

Dennette Montoya

As an assistant athletic coach on campus you really don't anticipate getting to know your chancellor. I count it a blessing to say not only do i know you both but your leadership has impacted my life and coaching career directly. I'll always hold fond memories of being "duped" by Pete Weston on Undercover Boss. Your personal story is inspiring and impacted all of us who heard it for the first time. You folks have help make UCR more relevant in the region, state, country and the world. Thank you for giving of yourselves to have a profound effect on so many.

Nathan Browne

Dear Chancellor Tim White and Dr. Karen White, I believe it was the first Block Party you and your wife Karen attended that Virginia Barbour and I had the privilege of meeting both of you at the Dancesport at UCR: Ballroom & Latin Dance Club booth. We are both advisors to Dancesport at UCR Club. Our first impression of you and your wife was very positive and we believed UCR had found an exceptional Chancellor. We were absolutely impressed by your down to earth conversation during that night. The students were very excited that you cared enough to stay and talk with them even for a brief moment. You probably don’t remember but you said both of you had some ballroom dance experience and recently went on to perform a version of the DWTS locally. Your timing departure was unfortunate for the 10th Orange Blossom Ball dance competition sponsored by Dancesport and to be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at the Student Recreation Center main gym. We will be without your opening ceremony for the current USA Professional Smooth Champions showcase performance. Our loss is Cal. State University’s gain. We fully believe you will be exceptional where ever your leadership is needed. We wish you a safe journey and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Best Wishes.

Fook Tham & Virginia Barbour (Advisors to Dancesport at UCR)

Dear Chancellor and Dr. White: while CSU is gaining, UCR is losing a wonderful Chancellor. I had opportunity to visit your home twice in May and June 2011 and very much appreciated your grace and hospitality (as well as meeting Lucy) :-). I wish you all the best in this new endeavor and hope the future provides opportunity for you to visit UCR. Please keep in touch. Joyous holidays to your entire family! Sincerely,

Margaret Stewart

As a fellow proponent of the Riverside county, I want to thank you for your dedication in the growth of the University and for your contribution to the growth of the city of Riverside. I wish you luck and prosperity,

Dear Chancellor White, In 25 years on campus I have never felt a closer connection to a Chancellor. From the first Friday Letter with you describing helping students on move-in day I knew you were a special addition to our campus. The Friday Letters have made me laugh, cry and feel proud of you and our campus and to echo one of your sentiments, I want to "square up" with you before you leave to let you know just how much I will miss having you as our/my Chancellor. Best wishes

Amber Jones

Thank you for your Chancellor leadership at UC Riverside and to UC; you have made a positive impact on so many young adults. I know your leadership at CSU will make a difference for all of higher education. Thank you for making a positive difference. My Best

Fred Ruiz

Dear Tim and Karen: I can honestly say that this university has never had such a dedicated, respected and loved Chancellor and "first Lady" [and I've been here since 1979]. Your strong leadership has secured the establishment of the School of Medicine, which is a "gamechanger" for this campus and our community. Your vision has brightened the UC Riverside horizon, lighting the way for future campus leaders. Your selflessness, your passion and your inspiration will be long-remembered and much missed. You leave our campus much stronger than when you arrived. Please know that you will be very much missed by me and everyone on campus. Our thoughts and prayers will follow you as you move on to the enormous challenge of the CSU system. I hope you will journey back to UC Riverside from time to time to witness how your investments in our campus and community blossom in the next 10 years. Thank you, Tim and Karen - and best wishes.

Neal Schiller

It saddens me to see both of you leave. As a UCR alumnus, having done both my BA and MFA here, I appreciate the care that you show towards the students. As a staff member, I am pleased to come to work knowing that the leadership is looking out for my best interest. I have sat under other Chancellors and am moved by the thought that you do not hide out in your office but try to get out amongst the students. I enjoy the attention that you have given to the international students, as well as, the study abroad students. It has been some time since we've had a Chancellor involved with orientation and bon voyage. So I am sadden that this renewed commitment to these population could be the last that we see. Additionally, Karen's effort with regards to the veteran's initiatives, both at the student and staff levels, is refreshing. There was much concern from both groups and the work that she started has already produced many changes in helping the veterans population. If anything it has at least gotten both student and staff populations to become aware that we are a small and powerful group in need of support. My two fondest memories that I will take with me as you leave is one having being hooded by you at my graduate commencement ceremony and two Undercover Boss. During my second year of my MFA program I was plagued with medical issues that had followed me since my honorable discharge from the Navy. I was endanger of not finishing but the faculty in my department was very understanding. I pushed through the pain and was able to complete my program. On the day of my commencement only a few people knew about the medical issue I was facing. I was happy but smiling through the pain. As I climbed on the stage, having only met you twice before, you ask me a simple qquestion. "Don't I know you?" With a simple answer I said, "Yes, I work in the International Education Center." There were other student staff in the audience from the IEC who asked me later what were you and the Chancellor talking about. I laughed and told them what you asked me. I always laugh when people ask me that because I am certainly a person you can remember, African-American female with bright red hair. It seemed like a simple thing, but during a graduation ceremony for you to take that brief moment to notice and comment that you knew me was special. Undercover Boss is simply priceless. I travel a lot...meeting people from all across the nation. When I say where I work, I always hear your Chancellor was on Undercover Boss. The notoriety that you brought to UCR has helped us on many levels. I believe our faculty, staff, and students gained a new sense of pride from you doing the show. Additionally the changes that have happened or are still in the works, I believe have come from you taking the time to see what is happening through a new lense. Karen my fondest memory of you is helping me to get from my car to the TAPS buidling. After having surgery for my medical condition, I had fallen injurying my leg. So I was dealing with two issue...healling from a surgery and a sprain. As I'm trying to navigate getting from my car to the bldg, you were there to help me and saw that I got into the building safely. It seemed like a minor thing to some, but I appreciated the time you took. So I wish you both well on your new endeavor. I am sad to see you both go and I hope that the Cal State system realizes that they are getting a priceless jewel in the both of you.

LaSharon McLean Perez

Dear Chancellor White, I am so sorry I cannot attend your farewell on December 12. I will be in Salem, Oregon attending to my Mom who is not well. I want to thank you for being such an outstanding Chancellor for the past four years. You and your wife, Karen, are very special individuals. You have provided such outstanding leadership to our campus that you will be deeply missed. You have always had time for each individual, no matter what their title. I have enjoyed visiting with you at your home the past four years and have found both of you to be so gracious and always interested in what we do. You have both been very supportive of Extension and truly understand the important role Extension plays at UCR. I have several friends who work for CSU and they are very excited about your new leadership role. I have told them that they are getting a very special leader and that we will really miss you. I wish you both nothing but the greatest success and thank you so much for all you have given to our campus. Most sincerely,

Sue Teele, Ph.D. Retired Associate Dean and Director of Education Extension Currently Professional Development Grants Administrator

Dear Chancellor White, Congratulations on your new position as Chancellor of the California State University system! I know you will be excellent in your new capacity. You are man of principle and quality leadership. As the incoming CSU Chancellor, when you refused to take a pay hike and instead took a pay cut of 10 percent, it showed that you truly understand the economy and how it impacts the students. Our education system still needs that type of thinking as we continue to deal with fiscal issues. Well done and best wishes on your new endeavors. I look forward to working with you.

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown

Tim - I am so happy that you are moving to yet another distinguished career position. I am sorry that we didn't get the opportunity to visit during your tenure at UCR, but my very best wishes are with you as you move to Cal State. I hope that our paths will cross at some point, and on a side note, my daughter plans to transfer to SF State next fall - so she will be a part of the family. In health

Eric Durak

Dear Tim and Karen, Your lasting contributions to UCR are too many to list here. I will mention a couple that I know will “have your names on them” for decades to come. You immediately saw the need for a gathering center for our students, faculty, staff, and the Inland Southern California community—we are getting close to realizing your dream for a “C-Center.” We need it—thank you for your perseverance. Your recognition of the value that every UCR member of the faculty, staff, and student population adds to the campus mission has been extraordinary. Your warmth, sincerity, and pride in our campus have been contagious and it shows on and off campus. I have never been more proud of UCR and I have been around since 1977! Your leadership and support of me as an administrator, colleague, and friend has benefitted me and the campus and I will always be grateful. Thank you for the opportunity to travel with you to Korea and Japan. I look forward to seeing what you will do for the CSU system. John and I look forward to a lasting friendship. Sincerely,

Sharon Duffy

Tim/Karen: Thanks for the years at UCR, and more importantly, for the extraordinary differences you made on campus and in the community. As Mayor, I valued our conversations and contacts. The City's future is so very closely connected to the future of UCR. You join Hinderaker and Orbach as the best of the UCR Chancellors, for both UCR and the City of Riverside.

Ronald O. Loveridge, Mayor (12/9/12)

Dear Tim and Karen White, I have enjoyed working with and getting to know both of you during your time at UC Riverside. I have appreciated your committment to our students and hard work to make UC Riverside a great place to work. Our students have asked me if we could still make sure (as The Well office) that puppies and cookies during week 10 remain after your departure so that they know that they are still supported and cared for during finals. My office loves that you both have demonstrated that staff, faculty and administrators consider the wellness of our students during their stressful times and we will continue to partner to take good care of their health and well-being after you leave. Yours in wellness,

Jennifer Miller

We will long remember the wonderfully warm talk you gave to AAUW - American Association of University Women. You have given so much to the University and to this community that it's really hard to see you leave. We wish you the very best in your new challenge which you will meet so very well.

Jo Turner

Dear. Chancellor White, What a mixed feeling I had when I first heard you that you would be leaving UCR, but for the better opportunity that will bring more goods to future California students. We had a quite surprising acquaintance when a team of UCR delegation came to visit Gang Nam in Seoul, Korea. I was taking my time off, traveling Korea and I was just coincidently directed to assist the team throughout their visit in Korea. I first have to tell you that it was perhaps my first experience with the 'important' people at school who are 'high at the top.' I always thought that Chancellors and Vice Chancellors are some people I would never come across meeting with personally. However, my personal interaction and experience with you, Peter, and Sharon was such a refreshing and pleasant memory because I had so much fun, yes, fun, with you all. Not only during your visit to Korea, but you, Peter and Sharon kept in contact to meet and consult with me for guidance even after we came back from Korea. I understand that you will be reading numerous messages, so I will try to keep concise and get to the point. I am sure there are good chancellors out there who are as competent as you are. However, I have doubts that how many GREAT chancellors like you who are not only competent but also friendly, humble, helpful, reachable and have a genuine love for students. I am sure many, if not all people you have engaged at UCR, would agree that we were very blessed to have you as our chancellor. No doubt that UCR would bring a good chancellor who will replace you, but I know that you will be missed very much. My last words are not a good bye but a thank you. Thank you for your devoted passion for UCR and its student and faculty. As I continue my personal and professional journey to what we all call a life!

Irene Song

Tim and Karen, So many things, three highlights. 1. Just before the dedication to the Orbach Science Library, I spoke to you outside and said I expected you to get a building named for you someday; I still see that happening. 2. When you hosted Sheryl and I (and others) on the occasion of my 35 years at UCR. You gave us the behind the scenes tour and made that time even more special. 3. All the Friday letters. My colleague and good friend at UCSB Dean Bryant Wieneke,, a UCR graduate whom I forwarded your letters for the past few years, just emailed me and asked if he should ask Jane to continue the Friday letters, to which I replied an emphatic YES. I have served, until my recent retirement, under every Chancellor since Ivan in 1969. Without thinking, I put you in the top three with Ivan and Ray. Thank you so much for your service to UCR and continued success in the future. You will always have a home at UCR Roger ('74 and '76)

Roger Hayes

Chancellor White, I truly admire you for all your accomplishments and a very humble person; you being around UCR amongst all groups, making the time to make the rounds is wonderful. I work at County of Riverside so when I found out that on Tuesday you were going to be recognized by the Board of Supervisors, I had to be there and I even got to shake your hand along with your lovely wife. Thank you, you will be dearly missed at UCR. GRACIAS

Pam Lucero

Dear Chancellor White, Thank you for all you have done to make UC Riverside an amazing school. I graduated in 2011 and because of what you did for UCR I'm so proud to be an alumni. Thank you for making a difference and by consistently supporting UCR's students. I greatly enjoyed your Friday letters and thought it was great that you would pass out snacks to students during one of the most stressful weeks, finals week. I wish you and your family the best as you move on from UCR. You have left an imprint on UCR that will never be forgotten. Again, thank you for all you have done! Godbless.

Janel Gracia

Chancellor White, I still remember during my Freshman year in 2009, when I first heard you speak. You spoke kindly, and you were greatly optimistic. For three and a half years, I've read your Friday letters. It's going to be hard not seeing those come around every Friday. I especially looked forward to shaking your hand for my Commencement in 2013 - sadly, you are leaving us too soon. However, I'm incredibly grateful that UCR got a chance to to be led by you. I can say without doubt that you will make a great Chancellor for CSU. You have changed UCR for the better, and of course as we all know you will make great changes for CSU. I can say I am blessed to have been apart of the UCR community while you were here. You will be missed!

Patricia Delara

Chancellor, I wanted you to know that your Friday letter has served as a form of inspiration to me and I will surely miss them. Thank you for your gift of communication! I am also a graduate from the California State University system and was delighted to learn that you will lead their pack with your compassion, intellect and integrity for all of them like you did for all of us in the City of Riverside. We are a better community because we have come to know you and your commitment to UCR's Medical School, and scores of us thank you for all that you did to fight that fight with us! Sincerely, 

Connie Librenjak, Executive Director, Keep Riverside Clean

You were a great Chancellor and I feel very proud to have had you here the whole time I was in school. I graduate this quarter and feel upset that you will not be shaking my hand during commencement, but I am proud of your achievements and all of the leadership you showed the campus. Thank you for your contributions and making my undergraduate experience at UCR a great one. Best wishes to you and your family.

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Dear Dr. Timothy White and Dr. Karen White, I wish you and your family the very best as you begin a new and exciting role as leader of the nation's largest public university system. Chancellor White it is clear to all that you are an institutional leader with a sincere dedication to our state, your students, faculty and the institutions you serve. Your blend of leadership with compassion is a great model for California higher education in the 21st Century. Happy Holidays!

Dennis Lopez, Riverside, CA

Dr. White - Although I graduated UCR in 2007 and i never had the privilidge of meeting you, l will miss you. I look forward to your e-mails every week, they keep me connected to the UCR community (and make me forget i'm getting old!!). I also loved you on Undercover boss (you made me tear up). You seem very relatable and it feels like i've known you for years! You have made your presence known and contributed so much to the UCR community, and for that i am grateful. Good Luck at your new appointment!!

Connie L.

Chancellor White, I wish you and your family the best on this new journey. You are great at what you do. Your charisma and personality made us all fell welcomed at UCR. I attended UCR as a transfer student the year of your inauguration and graduated in 2011. When you shook my hand at commencement you said, “I am proud of you!” as you looked straight into my eyes with a great big smile. Although the message was short, it felt extremely sincere and genuine. I thank you for that :) I am excited because you might be my chancellor again (well kind of ) since I am applying to CSULB, SDSU, and CSUF as a graduate student!!!!!

Idalia Espinosa

Dear Chancellor and Dr. White~ It has been both a privilege and an honor to have worked under your leadership these past few years; only wish it could be a few more! Your hard work, kindness, compassion and dedication have made UCR a much better place than how you found it. I wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure. All I can say is lucky CSU! I'll miss you both!

Robin Clark

I have attended UCR for undergraduate, and have seen Chancellor White frequent the campus on a regular basis, interacting with students, faculty, workers, and other persons around. A memorable time was when he accompanied others to wish students luck during finals week. What made UCR welcoming compared to other campuses (e.g. UCI), was that White did not sit inside an office forever, but went around to meet people. He has spoken to protest groups and outside groups such as Occupy Riverside, something many leaders might not bother to do. I hope the new chancellor will be as open, and I hope that Chancellor White will continue to interact and touch people on a personal level wherever his career leads to.

Tom Ham

Dear Chancellor, I never met you but as a student, I (and many of my own classmates and friends) can still say with confidence that you were a great Chancellor at UCR. The weekly Friday letters made me feel like I got to know you; I'll admit I didn't read every one of them, but the fact you took the time to sit down and really flesh out these letters and keep us up to date showed that you cared about *everyone*. You have also had to deal with major crisis and sensitive issues such as the UC budge crisis, the Occupy protests, and much more, and I think you handled these situations with the eloquence of a true leader. I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I never met you, I could tell you cared about your community. You will be missed!!! Don't ever forget you are great at what you do and genuinely make a difference in this world (of course, that is why you got promoted!!!). GO CHANCELLOR TIMOTHY WHITE WOOOOO

Myca Arcangel

You two will be sorely missed! I want you both to know that I have valued my time knowing you and working with you. You will stay in my prayers for your continued good health and great fortunes. Please keep in touch, when you can. Love 'ya',

Woodie Rucker Hughes

What an honor to have had a Chancellor as committed to excellence as our great Chancellor Timothy White. I have witnessed momentous changes for U.C. Riverside in 2009 after the inauguration of Chancellor White. Our campus now looks absolutely incredible. Our educators are among the best. We continue to grow as a campus with a diverse student body and high numbers of enrollment. And above all, with U.C. Riverside being the baby of the bunch of all the U.C.'s, I can see that finally our campus is receiving the recognition is deserves. We continue to grow in research and with our new medical school opening soon next year, U.C. Riverside continues to triumphed. Thank you Chancellor White for the legacy you have clearly established at U.C.R. and among the U.C system. I wish you the best as you tackle-on your new position with the Cal State Universities.You will be missed!

Laiza Ruiz

Although you started the year I retired, therefore I have not had much personal interaction with you, I have followed you in the local news and have very much enjoyed hearing all the positive comments about you from members of the community. Enjoyed your 'Undercover Boss' story.. :-) Thank You for the very POSITIVE image you have brought to UCR and the University of California. I wish you the very best on your next endevor with the California State Univeristies.. (I'm a CSUSB Alum.. :-), but a 33 year UCR former employee... the best of both worlds.. :-) BEST WISHES!

Les Martin

Thank you for all the Friday letters you have written to the entire UCR community. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be as connected to my alma mater after graduating in 2009... but because of your weekly letters (whether they were trashed or read) I felt connected and in the know about my school more than I did when I attended it!

phoebe wong

Dear Chancellor White and Dr. White: It is with a mixture of joy, sadness, and great appreciation that I write to thank both of you for the tremendous contributions you have both made to UC Riverside in the 4 years you have been there. I knew from the beginning that you both arrived that UC Riverside was getting ready to be launched into a whole other dimension that it has been before. I have been connected with UC Riverside since 1965 when my father started working there and it is a campus that is near and dear to my heart. To see the incredible leadership, vision, and dogged determination that you both have in helping UCR to Live the Promise is very compelling, for I have watched faculty, staff, students, community leaders and members jump on board with you during these very challenging times for Higher Education. Although I wish that the two of you were going to be at UCR for a longer period of time, I also am thrilled to see that the State University campuses are going to have the extraordinary type of leadership that I have witnessed during the past 4 years. Already my facebook friends are writing about the exciting news and I have assured them that you are both the Real Deal. I know that your legacy will continue to be lived in at UCR long after you have physically left the campus and I view this time as an awesome opportunity for all of us to jump on board and get involved in any way that we can to assure a future for our youth. They deserve the best---and both of you have been exemplary role models of what can happen when we step into the Vision and give it all that we have. Thank you again for all that you have given to this jewel of a campus at UCR---and may you continue to step into the great Calling that you both have for Higher Education. Wishing you the Best---and knowing that UCR has a legacy to live continue Living the Promise...

Cheryl Sutton

To Chancellor and Mrs White, just want to wish you all the best in your new venture, and I would like to tell you that you will be missed. What I encountered in your presence was a joyful most friendly attitude that will always take you soaring to the highest heights. Though I did not know you personally, it was a pleasure speaking to you a couple of times. Congratulations and God Bless.

Carolyn Watson

Will miss your weekly letters. I felt connected again to UCR although I haven't been back since I graduated in 1977. Best of luck in your new position. CSU is very lucky to have you.

Michele Barrett

Thank you for the inspiration, vision and humanity you brought to your position at UCR. You managed to "do the right thing" in many situations where most leaders do not. You will be much missed.

Ann Frenkel

Dear Chancellor White, I find myself simultaneously sad for the U.C.R. and the University’s community at large and happy for the CSU system. I have enjoyed watching, as well as reading in your Friday letters, all of the fantastic things that U.C.R. has gone through during your tenure at the campus. As a graduate of U.C.R. I do not believe I have ever felt as close to the campus, since leaving it, as I have since you began writing your Friday letters. As an Adjunct professor at CSU, San Bernardino I am excited to see what your leadership style can and will bring to the students, faculty and staff. I wish you and Mrs. White (Karen) the best of luck in your new positions and hope that you will continue to open hearts and inspire all of those you come in contact with. Additionally, I hope to continue reading your Friday letters now from the desk of the CSU Chancellor. Best Wishes

Chuck Mendoza

I hope you bring a high degree of improvement to the CSU System. Especially in encouraging better faculty governance and a stronger emphasis on a much better quality General Education on all the campuses. Finally, it's time to improve teacher education so that more students entering CSU are better prepared for college level work. As a graduate of UCR and an emeritus professor at Fresno State, the good news is that there are still good students at the university, but I witnessed at least two or three eras of decline during my 37 years of service at the university. I wish you well as CSU is very important to making higher education attainable to many students, but we need to graduate students with a more complete education as opposed to a mere training. I also hope you can attain a better working relation with the California Faculty Association than Chancellor Reed did. Finally, try to bring more teacher-scholars to the system as campus presidents. The system needs more than mere managers. Good Luck, Robert Merrill

Robert Merrill

Dearest Chancellor White, It seems like it was just yesterday I was giving a speech accepting the $4,800 scholarship I had received from the music program, Citizens University Committee and being recognized by your side. I was expressing how one day I would conduct the LA Philharmonic, and that you would let me be Chancellor for a day if I let you conduct the orchestra. After that award night, you wrote a Friday Newsletter that changed my life. It fell into good hands, and now, I am please to inform you that I have been accepted to Master's Degree program emphasizing in Orchestra Conducting. It is a new school program involving the school I attended in New York in the summer of 2011, Longy School of Music in Boston, El Sistema, and the most prestigious Los Angeles Philharmonic. My professors will be the members of the LA Phil themselves, those under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel. I am sending my intent to register this week. They also offered me a $25,800 scholarship to help the tuition of $40,000, I'll just need to find help for the rest (so if you have any connections, I'll be forever grateful). Also, I have accepted the position to conduct the Diamond Valley Community Orchestra (formerly the Mt. San Jacinto College Orchestra) and we will be having our first concert this month of December. I was accepted to the Conducting Workshop for Music Educators at the Julliard School in New York City, but was not able to attend due to financial difficulties, but in spite of it all I have a lot to be thankful for. I am so very glad to have met you and been under your leadership. The years at UCR were the years of most growth and happiness in my life. All I can say is thank you Dr. Tim White, thank you. Sincerely,

Pricila Chavez Lara Aspiring Orchestra Conductor c/o June 2012 Music Major

Novum capitulo incipit. A new chapter begins... and will forever progress.

Jenniffer M. Giron

Thank you for all your hard work. Also, for putting us on the map with "Undercover Boss". Best wishes on your new role with the CSU system. Thank you!

Jairo Jimenez '10

Chancellor White, I have been pleased to see how you have taken care of my alma mater UCR. It is with delight for me that you will now be overseeing my son’s university. He attends CSUEB as one of the CSUEB special autistic students who are fully included in the CSUEB program. I look forward to your leadership at the Cal State system.

Laura Fandey Carson UCR class of December 1980

As a Nigerian graduate of The University of California, Riverside; Class of 2011. I have to say thank you for everything Mr. White. I was there for your first speech in 2009. I related to you when you said you were born in a different country and moved to America with your family to pursue a better life and education. Since you have been our Chancellor, you have helped every single student in UCR, whether they acknowledge it or not. But the amount of attention you gave to the African American community will never be forgotten. You always supported us 100% and I appreciate you for that. There will NEVER be another you, but hopefully the next Chancellor will be as humble and dedicated as you were to us. The Cal States are very lucky to have you. Stay Blessed!

Chidinma Ezeani

Dear Chancellor White, Thank you for all you've done for Riverside. I'm very thankful that I was a student while you were here. I remember when the previous Chancellor before you left, and we were all wondering what was going to happen to our school--and then you came. You've helped our community grow in so many ways, and I appreciate the way you take the time to mingle and get to know the students. I remember chasing you down at my grad BBQ in order to take a picture with you, and then after I graduated, watching your stint on Undercover Boss. My parents are big fans of you as well, and although we are happy to hear of your new position at CSU, we are sad that you are leaving UCR. May God bless you and your family at your new position, and CSU is very lucky to have you.

Sharon C & Family

Dear Chancellor, I am a UCR Alumni and this fall, I proudly signed up my only daughter at University of California Riverside. I never knew she would be under the guidance of a great leader like you. I thank you for making UCR even a better place since I attended there. My daughter and I will miss your sense of humor, your holistic insight, and humanitarian leadership. I specially will miss your heart warming "Friday Letters". Thank you and best wishes,

Neda Amoui Masek and Amelia Masek (my daughter)

Chancllor White, We enjoyed reading your weekly newsletter. We wish you and your family happy and prosperous future and happy holidays. Best wishes

Gurcharan and Nancy Dhillon

I just want to wish you well. I have very much enjoyed reading your Friday letters. It has helped me stay in touch with UCR after being away for 42 years. Thank you! BA, Political Science, class of 1970

Jim Bird

Dear Chancellor White, Karen & Logan, You have done so much for the UCR campus and community that I just wanted to say "thank you" and God's continued blessings in your new job. Congratulations! Karen thank you for all of your hard work and help at Immanuel Lutheran you and Logan will be missed! Best wishes in your new home and school!

Deidre Goodwin & family

We wish you the best in your new post. The CA State system is most fortunate to have you. Karen is a wonderful asset, and we loved her talk to Life Society. The new Medical School is a creditable achievement.. It is comforting to know it is in capable hands. Best,

Dr. Eliud and Elisse Martinez

Dear Chancellor White, I just wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude and deepest admiration for you and your dear wife Karen. Upon first entering UC Riverside in the Fall of 2010, I was often encountered by many derogatory comments about our school. However, in my short time here, I have experienced and witnessed a change in perspective and perception of our campus. Now many individuals are, rightfully so, proud to be called Highlanders and many I know who are not, wish so strongly to become one. I attribute this change to your ability to shine the light on UC Riverside and open the eyes of the world to the wonderful institution we have that is filled with gifted, talented, intelligent, and amazing people. Our campus and community have benefitted and grown such a great deal from the service of you and your family. Your work here will never be forgotten. Please know that you are beloved by all and will be missed dearly. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for fighting on our behalf. Thank you for being the Chancellor we needed. Thank you for being our friend. May you and your family be blessed in all you do.

Princess Etuale

As a UCR alumni, I am so proud of what you have done for my alma mater. Your help for the students was unprecedented and they were extremely fortunate to have you as chancellor. I cannot imagine the great difference it would have made for my experience if you were my chancellor. As members of our UCR community, we all get the opportunity to spread our wings and fly. You are now embarking on a journey that I hope assists greatly the CSU students. I would wish you the best of luck, but as a Highlander I know that we are capable of being overachievers! As a UCR alumni I bid you farewell. As a current CSU student I welcome you.

Daisy H.

Dear Chancellor White, When I found out you were going to be taking a new position I was overjoyed. Although students at UCR will miss you, currently students and alumna are among the few that can say their Chancellor went on to be the Chancellor of a great state-wide educational system. While at UCR I cherished and appreciated the interactions we had. I can truly say your direction and leadership at UCR made my undergraduate college career the best ever! Congratulations on the next step in your career. I wish you and your family the best.

Stacey Hartnett, Class of 2011

Dear Tim and Karen, Thank you for your four years of leadership at UCR. You both have had a lasting impact on our campus. It has been a pleasure for me to work with you and I wish you much success as you move on to be Chancellor of the CSU system, where you will be well positioned to continue to be a strong advocate for public support of higher education in California.

Dallas Rabenstein

Gracias por todo. You have been an inspiration for all. Best Wishes and may you and your family be blessed.

Mrs. Lilia Ramos

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Chancellor White and to your wife Karen for putting UC Riverside on the map and to give my son Richard who is a junior an opportunity to study at UCR. Your knowledge, hard work, enthusiasm, empathy, kindness and to tackle the everyday situations at UCR to make it the best. My son Richard, wife Susan and I wish you much success and blessings at the CSU system and they are very lucky to have a great Chancellor from UCR. Again thank you and hope you can by chance visit us at UCR. With much heartfelt thanks, George, Susan, and proud UCR student Richard Tinajero

George Tinajero

Dear Chancellor White: I am a first-year student at this university. Although I did not have a chance to meet you in person, but I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done to keep this campus at a competitive edge. Many of my friends who went here and graduated were telling me how GREAT you are as a chancellor. I wish you the very best at the California State University System. May God bless you and your family!

Shichuan Li

Tim, thank you for restoring humanity to the Chancellor's office, and thank you for daring to venture beyond its doors to be with those you both lead and serve. The two of you are a class act.

Vivian-Lee Nyitray

Dear Mr White. muchos de los mensajes que se han escrito aqui en esta pagina de despedida de ud. de UCR. con el tiempo se van a olvidar y borrar con el tiempo, lo que no se va a olvidar es lo mucho que ud ayudo a la comunidad de UCR, y se recordara mucho en su corazon y su memoria todos los momentos alegres que paso en esta Univerdidad y lo mucho que ayudo a la comunidad universitaria en especial a la gran mayoria de estudiantes necesitados.. ADELANTE Y MUCHA SUERTE...

claudio lopez

Chancellor White, I am very happy that you have been given such a great opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many students! I know you will do great things, but I am very sad to see you leave. I was unsure if I was going to attend UCR, but the moment I set foot on campus on Discover Day, I felt so welcomed! People were friendly and the faculty at the booths and giving presentations really made me feel welcome. I submitted my SIR the moment I got home. I believe that UCRs welcoming environment is not something that just happens spontaneously, it is a reflection of your excellent leadership! I thank you for caring about each and every individual on this campus! I (and many other students as well) see you as the Chancellor, but more importantly, someone who cares about us and wants us to succeed (especially when you sign your Friday Letter with "Your Friend")! When I saw that you were going to be on Undercover Boss, I was so excited! Only someone who really wants to see what needs to be changed to improve the lives of everybody on campus would be willing to go out of their way to do something like this. I just want to say thank you for making my time at UCR be some of the best years of my life! I am sad that I will not be able to shake your hand at graduation next year, but I know that you will be making an impact in the lives of so many more students and helping so many people. Thank you!

Drake Lasley

Thank you!! Good bye and I wish we have a good chancellor as you in the next couple years.

Doria Huang

Thank you.

Hari K. Sami

Oh, how we'll miss the friendliest, most gracious chancellor of them all -- and one with an outstanding sense of humor! Thanks very much for your efforts at UCR, especially for your Friday letters! Best of good fortune and success to you. Know that you have left a lasting impression on oh! so many of us!

Bonnie Flickinger

Thank you Chancellor from a UCR student! I looked forward to each Friday letter! I am unable to go to the farewell ceremony on the 12th, so best wishes! Good luck on your future adventures! The education system needs more people like you. Good luck times a million.


Dear Tim and Karen: Manuela and I wish you all the best in your future. It seems to us that your new position is perfect for you and you for it. We hope it all works out for both. Sorry that we will miss your good-bye party. We will be in Morro Bay assisting with of our newest grandchild who will arrive any day now.

Harry Green and Manuela Martins-Green

Chancellor White, It is with a heavy heart that I meditate upon your departure from this University I have come to love in my past three years here. It was not until recently that I had the privilege of meeting you. I was a student at the Good Morning Riverside meeting when you announced your departure and thanked the business community for their support of the UC Riverside Medical School. I implore you to return for the graduation ceremony this June. I will be walking and it is my hope of hopes that you are there to issue me into the next phase of my comparatively short life. Sincerely,

Elliot Thompson

Thank you for: Your Friday letters
Your leadership and inspiration
Your friendship
Your welcoming presence
Thank you for making UCR feel like home (again) for all us lucky to have come in contact with you both. You will be missed.

Jeff Krynski

Chancellor White, It has been a privilege to be a students at UCR with you at the helm. We both entered UCR in 2008 and we have all gone on the journey together. I think you have done an excellent job as the leader of this institution and I have always enjoyed reading your letters. I appreciate you doing that because it really shows us that you take the time to let all of your students know what is going on. That was also demonstrated when you went on "Undercover Boss" and helped all those people. The Cal State system is lucky to get you and I'm sorry for the loss that the UC system is getting but I can't blame you for advancing your profession. It was an honor shaking your hand at graduation and I'm sorry that I won't get it again when I receive my teaching credential in June. Best to all of your endeavors and your family. Thanks for all you have done. I am proud to graduate from the prestigious Graduate School of Education at UCR.

Colby Priest

Chancellor White, I hope that you respond to this e-mail as soon as possible. Because I have finals on the 13th, I cannot attend the party. Anyhow... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING OUR CHANCELLOR!!! It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you.

Paul Vo

Chancellor White, After I was accepted into UCR in the Spring, and decided to attend UCR, one of the things I was looking forward to was having you as a chancellor, since I had seen you before on Undercover Boss. I met you at the convocation for new students, and I sincerely felt a lot better at being at UCR with you as our chancellor. I hoped that I would continue my four years here with you as a chancellor and get to know you on a personal level. But a few weeks later you sent your letter informing us of your decision to leave UCR... I was very disappointed, I think your place is here at UCR than at any other place. Any one I have ever talked to has always spoken so highly of you, and I really wanted to be able to experience UCR with you as our chancellor, but, that is not going to happen. I just hope and wish the best for you with the CSUs...

Rola Barbakh

Thank you Tim and Karen for all you have done for UCR. I am particularly impacted by and will always remember you both for your commitment to the local community, placing a priority on family, being parents and wellness, all while providing Leadership and Direction to UCR and the Inland Region. I often think you must average 30 minutes of sleep between the two of you! I hope not, as in my leadership journey, I aspire to a path that is similar, and I need more sleep than that! All the best, and I look forward to witnessing, hearing and reading about this next chapter.

Katina R. Napper

Thank You for just simply ...being You! The country needs more people like yourself for leadership in education and in our U.S. government. Best wishes to you and your family for good health and great spirits! We are going to miss you. Warm regards,

Maria G. Davaris

Living the Promise, Making a Difference. You'll always be remembered.

Shante' Morton

I will never forget you on Undercover Boss. It was a blessing to see you give back to the campus and some of our own library student workers. I was asked to interview that day and I was like “please I’m not being on camera with my hair not done . . .” So I guess I snoozed lol. Since coming to UCR in 2002 I have always heard little negative things people say about the chancellor. Well . . . I have only heard great things about you. May God be with you on your new journey and may you walk in His wisdom to be an even greater exceptional leader than you are now.

Leslie Settle

Chancellor, shortly after your arrival I attended a science day with my 8th grade son, Sam. We sat in the second row of the huge University Lecture Hall and you came and sat down right in front of us! You turned around and started chatting with Sam, asked about him and gave him your card. In the program we heard your immigration story, and that meant something to Sam as he came to America in 2007 and had not quite settled down, found his place. He kept your card pinned to the bulletin board above his bed; now a senior in high school, he has applied to UCR and a few Cal States. I believe meeting you that day was a turning point for him, a tangible vision for his future. I want to thank you for your kindness to him, so typical of you but so significant for a thirteen year-old red-haired immigrant boy.

Christine Leapman

You have been terrific leaders and ambassadors for UC-Riverside. Great things have happened while you've been here - too many to be a coincidence. It was an unexpected opportunity to work with you, Tim, during our move to Olmsted Hall, and later to be your appointee as Faculty Athletic Representative. Your integrity in the former, and your confidence in me for the latter, will always be remembered and appreciated. Best of luck to both of you. I hope greatness continues to follow you.

Daniel Jeske

Dear Tim and Karen, Thank you for your service and dedication to UCR! I have enjoyed being part of your team these past few years. You've done a wonderful job bringing the community together (town and gown). Tim, you have set an extraordinary example of leadership that I hope to emulate in the future as a campus senior administrator. I wish you both the best in your new adventure with the CSU system. Fondly, Sharon

Sharon Walker

Chancellor White, you've done more for this campus in four years than many could have done in 20. No one can ever doubt your dedication to the campus, community, and most importantly to the students you have inspired during your time here. Dr. Karen White, you have also made a huge impact on the campus through your work in scholarships, Operation Education, and the Guardian Scholars program. Thank you for the past four years, and best of luck on your new endeavor! P.s. We'll miss your cookies during the holidays!

Kristin Seiler, Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations

What a privilege to have worked under you here at the University of California Riverside. Wishing you the very best on your new journey and thank you for empowering others! Farwell,

Christine Sanchez

Karen and Tim - You are greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. With warmest best wishes to you both.

E. Dollie Wolverton

Tim and Karen, Thank you so very much for all the different ways you provided support of my efforts to preserve the Citrus Variety Collection and extend knowledge about the citrus diversity in this unique and historic UCR collection! Best wishes in all your future endeavors. The CSU system is lucky to have you two helping them feel supported to create a better future. Sincerely,

Tracy L. Kahn, Ph.D.

We will miss you guys! As you know, I have been here for three decades. Tim has been the best - and you guys have been the best team! And that's with the stiff competition of the Orbachs. The hope is that you will return to UC someday as our President. Sincerely,

Norm Ellstrand

Tim & Karen for me this is not a farewell, but an opportunity to say thanks for the memories and the time we had to work together for the promise of UCR. UCR and the Riverside community have benefited handsomely from your visionary leadership. Also for me this is an opportunity for me to personally welcome you and Karen to the Los Angeles county community. Your presence and talented approach to educating all will be a breath of fresh air Cal State University system. God speed as roll up your sleeves to conqueror the challenges of higher education in the great state of California! I hereby volunteer to be one off your continuing team members, if you wish.

David S. Cunningham Jr

Dear Chancellor White, I truly admire all that you, Karen and Logan have done for UCR, the surrounding community and the Inland Empire as a whole. No matter how busy you were, you always found time to greet everyone who crossed your path. In the words of John Quincy Adams, "your actions have inspired others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more." It has been a true honor and privilege to work under your leadership. Best Wishes,

Regina L. Villaseñor

My first reaction when I saw the email saying that you were leaving UCR was to yell, "Oh no!" Chancellor White, you have been such a warm and caring leader, not afraid to show that you are human with deep emotions, and a sense of humor. I would get teary-eyed hearing the stories from my co-workers of the times when you shared your struggles with the children at the Copernicus Project events. How wonderful a person you are to give the children, most of them from immigrant families, hope for what can be achieved with hard work. I am sad to see you leave, but know that you'll be able to do great work for others who haven't had a chance to know you. Dr. White, thank you for being so supportive of all the Wellness evenst and the Wellness Ambassador program. You are an inspiration to all of us trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and to spread the word to others in order to keep our campus and our extended families happy. Best of luck to you both. I envy the Cal State system! With gratitude,

Linda Sanada

Congratulations Tim and Karen! After 28 years in the UC system (22 of them at UCR), I can say with confidence that one of my professional highlights was the opportunity to work with the two of you and see what a positive and transformative impact your leadership had on a campus that we all hold dearly. I wish you both the absolute best as you transition to this next chapter of your lives!

Kyle Hoffman

It's been an honor and great privilege to be a student at UCR during your term. I feel so blessed and I have been a proud UCR student since my first day of school because of all the opportunities available to us. One of my proudest moments was after the UC Davis pepper spray incident during Occupy Movement. When UCR was supposed to have our day of protesting, I was a bit nervous of what would happen at UCR but then something amazing happened! Not only did our amazing Chancellor email the whole school telling us the importance of expressing ourselves but he also showed up at our peaceful protest to support us. How incredible is that?!? I was so proud of our school and our Chancellor that day. He did the complete opposite of Chancellor Katehi at UC Davis. Thank you Chancellor White for making the student happy and proud of our amazing and diverse UCR.

Khatera Karzai

Chancellor White - Thank you for your leadership and all your efforts to promote and reinforce the sense of community on our campus. Congratulations on your new role with the Cal State system. Individual persons there are gaining someone to look up to with respect and admiration, as I have looked up to you here.

Amanda Grey

Tim – It has been a joy coming to work for the past 4 ½ years. From you, I’ve learned much about strong leadership with a heart. Karen – You are a force of your own, from the Citrus Classic to Operation Education, and more. All the best to the two of you, Logan, and Bella! With great fondness and respect,

Cindy Giorgio

Never before have I felt a loss with a Chancellor’s departure like I will feel when you leave. It has been wonderful working for you and with you! My very best wishes to you, Karen and Logan now and always (and I hope you find your darn socks).

Cindi Anderson

Dear Tim and Karen, Having you at UCR the past four years has been a special time for the campus and for me personally. I can report that I’m making reasonable progress on the stages of grief (the bargaining stage – “Well, what if Karen could stay?” – should pass soon). ;-) I wish you the fondest of farewells and know that you’ll both make a major difference for the CSU system and California’s future. Thank you for everything. With Admiration,

Bill Kidder

Tim and Karen – You have made an enduring contribution to UCR and to the greater Inland Southern California community. Thank you for strengthening our belief and our aspirations for even greater days to come. Very best wishes in your new adventure!

Kathy Barton

I wish you the best Chancellor White. I am sad to see you and your family go. I am very proud of your accomplishments and the light you gave to UCR. I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with you and you are an outstanding person with a great personality and heart. You both will be sincerely missed. May God Bless you and your family. The CSU is blessed to have you!

Marie Lanathoua-Good

I have thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational leadership on our UCR Campus. As a Staff Assembly Volunteer, a Diversity Network Leadership Trainer, and a staff member at UCR, I want to personally thank both you and karen for your authentic, charismatic leadership. I've enjoyed interacting with both of you. Best wishes for a prosperous future!

Candace Gruber

Thank you for being such an inspirational leader for the UCR campus. It has been a great pleasure for the Dining Services Department, especially Catering, to get to know you and your family. We have loved every moment of it and have such happy memories and lovely stories. Please know you will be missed terribly by our entire team and that we wish you great happiness and success in your new role.

Cheryl Garner

I just wanted to thank you for demonstrating such sincere interest in the students here at UC Riverside and in the success of this college. Although it was a simple gesture, I was delighted to see that you shook hands with as many students as you could when you were walking out of the convocation ceremony. You have a welcoming way about you and i appreciated seeing that as a new, and fairly nervous student. I am only a freshman undergraduate but i still regret to hear that you will be leaving. I wish you well in your future as well as you family's. Thank you for being our chancellor!

Corinne Blaine

Thank you for a great ceremony speech at my commencement last June! Too bad you will not be here during my next commencement at UCR. I truly appreciate everything you did! Good luck to you and your family, but do not forget the UCR community!


Thank you for your work here at UCR. It is sad for you to leave us, but I am so glad that you will be going to the CSU system where my son is a student. CSU will benefit from your leadership. We will miss you here at UCR and thank you for our Medical School. Regards,

Mary Marcinko, MD

Hi Chancellor White , You are an amazing chancellor and a well respected man. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. Don't forget UC Riverside, please. Thank you so much and I wish all blessings to your wife and son and best of luck to you in your new position. Thank you!

Nabila Jamal Orozco

It has been a pleasure and honor knowing you both for the past 2, almost 3 years. I wish you all the best in your next great endeavor and I hope to continue to be a part of your lives becasue I have truly grown to appreciate all you have helped me with. Hopefully, I will see you soon to formally say farewell and thank you for everything you have done at UCR. :)

Elizabeth Candia

Hi Dr. White, Thank you for all your service that you have given to UCR. When I first met you planting the tree on Earth Day, I knew that you were someone who really cared about whatever was going on around the university. I am grateful to have had you as a chancellor for these past three years. Thank you so much.

Paul Vo

With or without the moustache, you will be missed!!! Come back and visit

Russell Vernon

Karen and Tim, Thanks for your support for the Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies. I intend to continue to build the Center as the most preeminent research center in the United States if not the world. Good luck with your new position at CSU system.

Edward Chang

Dear Mr. Chancellor, I graduated this year and felt so grateful for what you have done for the campus community. My wife and I watched the "Undercover Boss". We are so touched by your every endeavor to listen, understand and reach out. What you brought to the university is an immense treasure. Thank you and your families for everything! Best regards,

Qunfeng He

I wish you the best Chancellor White. Although I am sad to see you go I am very proud of your accomplishments. In the years I have been here I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with you numerous times and you are an outstanding person with a great personality. I am proud to be a highlander and even more proud that I got to experience the bulk of my higher education with you here. Best Wishes,

Clarissa M. Smith

It is rare to have a campus leader who connects across faculty, staff, and students, but I feel you have excelled in all of these areas. Chancellor and Dr. White, you have both been inspirational on our campus. You will be missed. I wish you continued success as you move to serving at the CSU system.

Robert Stephens, Assistant Director, Residence Life, and Graduate Student, GSOE

Chancellor White, You have done so much for UCR and for this community. But what I am most grateful for is how you made it cool to LOVE working and/or going to school at UCR. We all felt it, but you made it OK to say it and be proud to say it! You will be missed.


Congratulations, Chancellor and Dr. White! Continued blessings on both your journeys. When I first arrived here, UC Riverside was been known as the campus with the personal touch. It was much, much smaller then). You both fit right in by adding your own personal touches to great impact and improvement. Truly the sum is greater than the total of its parts. Thank you for approaching situations with an open mind, open heart, and open hands. Best to you and yours,

Judy Lee, Rivera Library (Reference), Chancellor's Council on Climate, Culture, and Inclusion

I didn't think any Chancellor could be as warm, gracious, supportive, and hard working as Rosemary Schraer, until you came to UCR. You and Karen have been wonderful for our campus and to the Riverside community, and we thank you. I've seen a lot of Chancellors come and go since I became a staff member here in 1980; and I can honestly say you will be hard to replace. We wish you both the very best.

Tina Feldmann

Dear Chancellor White and Dr. White, I just want to say thank you for all of your work and dedication to our university. I think that you are both tremendous role models and your combined leadership has done so much to move our campus forward. I truly admire the sense of collaboration and tone that you have established here. Your openness and accessibility to all members of the university, and particularly our students, has been admirable. I was very sad to hear that you were leaving, but I know that you will accomplish wonderful things within the Cal State system. I wish your family the best as you continue your endeavors to enhance educational institutions within California. I will miss your Friday letters. You both will be deeply missed. Best,

Audrey L. Pusey, Associate Director for Residence Life, Judicial

Tim, You are one of the most astute and good-natured campus leaders I have known (and I have known quite a few). Your warmth, good humor, and kindness have made a difference here -- perhaps as much as your good judgment. The CSU system is fortunate to have someone of your ability to lead it. The campus will miss you. Good wishes to you, Karen, and Logan. 

Steven Brint

I have so appreciated your leadership here at UCR! I always felt that you were straightforward and frank in your information sessions. Never did I leave thinking to myself "Now exactly what did he say?" as is so often the case when leaders try to mask or spin bad news. I liked the fact that when there were protests on campus, you came out to meet and mingle with the protesters rather than hiding behind closed doors as did so many other administrators. Honesty and trustworthiness is so important in a leader. I can certainly understand why CSU picked you for their next Chancellor; I have no doubt that you will do a great job. I am, however, saddened that the UC system, and especially UCR, is losing you. You gave me confidence in our future. I only hope your successor will do the same. My very best wishes!


Chancellor and Dr. White: You will truly be missed; however, I celebrate the next chapter that God has for you. I appreciate the grace and passion with which you have led the campus. Your commitment to students is unparalleled. I appreciate all that you did for the students at UCR and in the community. I appreciate the time you took to really talk to get to know students and staff. You both are true servant leaders. I wish the TRiO Scholars would have been able to come hang out with you for dinner because as a first generation student you are such an example for them. That aside, your heart of service spoke volumes of your integrity and commitment fostering excellence. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you always. Respectfully yours,

Micki Poole Clowney, Director TRiO Scholars Program

You are both so thoughtful and caring. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your interest in the people here at this University. Our loss, :-( Cal State's gain. :-) For the most part people here genuinely care about our student's, and you were very supportive of this. A perfect fit for our atmosphere here. You will be missed. I doubt if they will be able to find anyone who would be able to fill your shoes. Karen was so kind as to always think of us in the holiday season and brought us cookies each year. I always thought what a kind and thoughtful gesture towards those who serve the student’s day in and day out with answering various federal regulations and questions about their aid. I appreciate both of you. Thank you.

Pauleen Stancic

Dear Chancellor White, Dr. White and Logan, as I was putting together the images for this site's gallery I was able to remember so many wonderful moment you've given us. All of them are testimony of how much you cared about students, faculty, and staff and how real and honest you've always been. Would it change anything if I said "don't leave?" I wish you the best.

Luis Sanz

Dear Karen and Tim, You will be truly missed! Best,

Viviane Baerenklau

Dear Tim - From Undercover Boss to leading our campus through difficult financial times, you have creating an enduring legacy here at UCR. You are well-loved by our community, respected by faculty and a true friend of our diverse student body. We will miss your great ability to connect with people, as well as the Karen's leadership with Operations Education. And, of course, Logan brings smiles wherever he goes! Here's wishing you and your family success as you continue to serve California's students.

Linda Parker

Thank you both for your leadership, vision and personal contact with staff, students and faculty. You have been a breath of fresh air for UCR and have brought our campus community together to do our best to support our students. I wish you all the best as you move forward to CSU. UCR has grown so much during you short time with us. God bless you both!

Diana Hanson

Dear Tim, You did such a masterful job guiding our diverse campus that it seems only fitting that some of the accolades be in languages other than English. So: 您效劳五年,我们感谢万分; 祝恁前程广大,一帆风顺! 

Perry Link

Thanks for the time to get to know you and your family. Enjoy your new roll in life, just no more ear piercing, ok?

Damon Morris

Dear Chancellor White: Thanks for your leadership and steering this great University in the right direction during your tenure. You leave behind a legacy of leadership, diversity, and a commitment to our students that is fundamental in making a difference in their lives as they move on. I wish you the best and hope that you make as great an impact on the CSU system.

Kazi Mamun

Dear Chancellor White, Dr. White and Logan, Wish you could stick around for a little more time, but life has set some other amazing plans for you and your family. My wife and I wish you a heartfelt good luck and many successes in your future.

Leslie and Raymond Bolles

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. - Bill Gates
Empower is exactly what Chancellor White did for our campus – we are honored and blessed to be led by such a distinguished and accomplished individual. Thank you for selflessly dedicating yourself to UC Riverside and empowering us to be that much better. You will truly be missed, not only as an amazing leader but also as a wonderful person!

Sincerely Puja Pathak Pannu & the Career Center

On behalf of Summer Sessions and Special Programs, best wishes to you for continued success and unstoppable vision. You leave a family of students, colleagues, and friends that are grateful for your love of UC Riverside and for the legacy of excellence, quality, and promise that you instilled in us all!

Thank you,


Dear Tim, I would like to congratulate you for your leadership appointment as chancellor of CSU; an excellent choice for the 23-campus system. You will provide a wealth of experience and vision for the position, and provide exemplary leadership through these critical times for California’s public education system.

We will certainly miss you here at UCR. Janette joins me in wishing you, Karen and Logan the very best.

Warmest regards,


Chancellor White, In the several weeks since I arrived at UCR I have been truly fortunate to see your leadership, and your genuine concern for UCR and its students, faculty and staff in action. Your legacy at UCR will live on. I look forward to a mutually rewarding and expanding relationship with our sister campuses at CSU under your tutelage. Thank you for all you have given to the University of California.

David Bergquist, Interim Chief Campus Counsel

Dear Tim and Karen, You came to UCR during the most difficult of budget times, yet you challenged us to not live with a CAVE mentality (Colleagues Against Virtually Everything) and to avoid a NIMBY perspective when thinking about change (Not in My Back Yard)... You leave us believing in the promise of UCR, and with tangible successes ranging from our Strategic Plan, to the Schools of Medline and Public Policy, to a leadership team poised to grow our research mission while retaining our collective commitment to instructional excellence and student success. Thank you so much…

With heartfelt wishes for health, happiness, and continued success at CSU…

Chuck Rowley, Finance and Business Administration and Computing and Communications

Chancellor White, thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the past five years. You have made a lasting impression on the University and the students, we won't forget the legacy you've left behind. I wish you the best of luck as the President of the CSU system.

Liam Dow

On behalf of the School of Business Administration, I wish you and your family a hearty congratulations as you assume your new role as CSU Chancellor! You have done extraordinary work during your time at UCR, elevating our campus to brave new heights by showing our students, faculty, staff, and the community how to "live the promise." May your own future endeavors be promise-filled themselves!

Dean Wang

On behalf of the entire graduate/professional student body, the Graduate Student Association would like to express our sincere gratitude to Chancellor White and Dr. Karen White for their demonstrated leadership and service to the UCR campus community. We wish the White family the best of luck going forward and have full confidence in their abilities to bring value-added improvements to not only the CSU system, but also from a broader perspective - California's higher-education system as a whole!

Henry Huang (GSA President)

Tim and Karen, You have had an extraordinarily positive impact on UCR in many ways, and from my vantage point, one area stands out. Each of you has demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of compassion for our students and your involvement with them has greatly enhanced the UCR student experience. Staff across the Division of Student Affairs share your orientation toward students and the value that you have placed on our efforts has made our work much more fulfilling. Thank you for being two wonderful leaders and caring so much about UCR and its students. I wish you the best.

VC Jim Sandoval

Tim—Among everything else, I want to particularly thank you for all the work you did to bring the UCR SOM to fruition. Dick Olds has made it abundantly clear that without your leadership and strength, that would have never happened. Further, thanks for agreeing to serve on the Honorary Board of HARC, and enhancing our organizational reputation and credibility as a result. As HARC will continue to work with closely with CSUSB, and the Desert Healthcare District stays a close partner of the UCR SOM, your influence will remain as strong as ever within the Coachella Valley. With great respect and admiration,

Glen Grayman, M.D.

I will miss your wonderful Friday letters.They have revealed so much about what can be accomplished in higher education when hearts and minds are so dedicated. All best for your new enterprise; California is very lucky to keep you.

Sally M[oore] Gall

We, the UCR staff, have been privileged to get to know two wonderful people with engaging spirits and grateful hearts that have dared to share. The two of you have a rare gift of feeling, offering, and showing far more love than you receive from those around you.

The UCR staff, in wishing both of you the very best at CSU, choose not to cry because you are leaving the promise, but to rejoice because we & both of you continue “Living the Promise.” With Heartfelt Thanks & Warmest Wishes on Behalf of All UCR Staff Members,

Tim Willette

True leaders enable us to see beyond our limits, embrace our gifts and realize our promise. It has been an honor to work with both of you on behalf of this special place. Thank you so much for all you have given to us and my very best wishes to you in the days and years ahead.

Margene Mastin Schepps

Tim and Karen — thank you so much for all your contributions to UC Riverside!

James E. Grant, Jr.

Our loss is CSU’s gain. I’m sure the entire CSU system will bask in the glow of a couple that deeply cares about the students and the quality of their education.

Frances Ormerod Fernandes

Tim, thank you for everything you’ve done for UCR. You’ve raised our profile nationally and raised our expectations for just how excellent we can be. Karen, thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and for launching Operation Education. It’s a wonderful support for veterans, the kind of program that will change lives. Best of luck to both of you. We will miss you.

Bettye Miller

Thank you for your leadership, and your compassion and your trust for your employees. We appreciate you and all the efforts you have made to strengthen UCR. Goodbye and good luck! We will miss you.

Kris Lovekin, director of media relations.

You will be greatly missed here at UCR! All the best to you and your wife as you continue on toward your future endeavors. Thank you.

Dusan Stancic

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